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Important Forum/Community - Regulations/Rules
Below you will find guidelines to the ruleset of Eastside Gaming Forum. Please keep in mind that the punishments stated for offense are guidelines, and not set in stone. It is up to the individual member of the administrative staff to judge on a case-by-case basis.

At all times the administrative staff reserve the right to remove someone for the community.

Quote:Common Sense

While playing or partaking in any activities within Eastside Gaming, you are expected to make use of common sense. Think twice before saying something if you think it will cause drama, tension, or annoy other community members.

Admin Verdict (Depends on severity)


Spamming shall be defined as writing unnecessary messages that do not contribute towards discussion or is relevant to the topic

Warning for spam.

Quote:Disrespectful behaviour

Disrespecting another individual or the community as a whole is strictly forbidden.

Warning - Forum/Game ban (Depending on severity)

Quote:NSFW Content

Not Safe for Work(short: NSFW) content is not allowed, this includes any R34 content.

4 Day Forum Ban


Only content written in English may be submitted, submitting content in other languages is not allowed.

Warning for spam.

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