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Important SA:MP - Game Regulations/Rules
Below you will find guidelines to the ruleset of Eastside Gaming. Please keep in mind that the punishments stated for offense are guidelines, and not set in stone. It is up to the individual member of the administrative staff to judge on a case-by-case basis.

At all times the administrative staff reserve the right to remove someone for the community.

Quote:Common Sense

While playing or partaking in any activities within Eastside Gaming, you are expected to make use of common sense. Think twice before saying something if you think it will cause drama, tension, or annoy other community members.

Admin Verdict (Depends on severity)

Quote:Hacking / Exploiting

Hacking is defined as using any illegal modification that gives you an unfair advantage over other players. Exploiting is defined as using a bug or loophole in a system.

Permanent Ban

Quote:Metagaming (MG)

Metagaming shall be defined as using OOC information in IC, and vice versa.

Example: You are getting robbed by a group of players, and decide to tell your friends over skype. Your friends then use this information and come to your aid.

Kick/Warn - Up to 40 Minute Admin Jail (Action taken depends on severity)

Quote:Powergaming (PG)

Powergaming shall be defined as the act of forcing roleplay upon another person. Not giving another person reasonable time to respond to roleplay. Roleplaying impossible character trait(e.g: flying, super strength)

Example: You get into a fist fight with another player, you RP punching him into a wall without letting him respond. Afterwards you RP picking him up and throwing him down the street.

Kick/Warn - Up to 50 Minute Admin Jail - Temporary Ban up to 24 hours (Action taken depends on severity)

Quote:Deathmatching (DM)

Deathmatching shall be defined as killing another player without a sufficient IC reason. Revenge-killing(RK) will be considered deathmatching

Example: You are driving down the street as you spot your friend that has been pulled over by a police officer, to avoid your friend going to jail you get out and start shooting at the officer.

Kick/Warn - Up to 60 Minute Admin Jail - Temporary Ban up to 120 hours (Action taken depends on severity)

Quote:Unpleasant Roleplay

Unpleasant Roleplay shall be defined providing an unwanted uncomfortable situation for other players. Any act of sexual roleplay must have the OOC consent of all players involved.

Kick/Warn - Up to 60 Minute Admin Jail - Temporary Ban up to 120 hours (Action taken depends on severity)

Quote:Non-Roleplay Behaviour

Non-RP Behaviour shall be defined as not acting within character, or "trolling"
Examples of Non-RP behaviour are:
-Chicken Running(CR) - Sprinting and/or running in zig-zag or making sudden unrealistic turns
-Ass-pull(AP) - Withdrawing a weapon without properly roleplaying it first, you must roleplay the act of getting the weapon out, prior to equipping it from your inventory
-Bunny Hopping(BH) - Jumping in order to obtain a speed boost.
-Failure to roleplay fear - Not roleplaying fear at gunpoint, or in situations where you would rp'ly be scared.

Kick/Warn - 60 Minute Admin Jail - Temporary Ban up to 120 hours (Action taken depends on severity)

Quote:Rude / Disrespectful behaviour

Acting in a manner that is disrespectful or directly rude towards either a person, or the community itself. Advertising other communities or projects fall into this category as well.

Kick/Warn - Up to 120 Minute Admin Jail - Up to Permanent Ban (Action taken depends on severity)

Quote:Player Robberies

Thou shalt not rob any player whos level is lower than 2. These player are new to our community and should be welcomed.

Kick/Warn - Up to 60 Minute Admin Jail - Temporary Ban up to 120 hours (Action taken depends on severity)

Quote:New Life Rule

Upon dying, you lose 30 minutes of your past memory. This means you are not allowed to return to the roleplay scene that you died at, and that you will forget all information given to your character in the last 30 minutes.

Example: You end up in a shootout with another player, they kill you and you decide to go to the police and report them.

Kick/Warn - Up to 70 Minute Admin Jail - Temporary Ban up to 120 hours (Action taken depends on severity)

Quote:VPN Usage

Using/Intending and or Attempting to use a VPN, or otherwise mask your IP for any reason is not allowed.
The exception for this is if someone has written approval from a Project Lead.

Permanent Ban


Police officers bodies or vehicles cannot be looted. 
Only allowed items to loot are items dropped after death

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