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Vlad_Reskov - shadowman
[*]Name: Hassan

[*]Discord ID: Decabyte#1234

[*]Age: 17

[*]What is your current timezone?: Mountain Standard Time [GMT -7]

[*]How many hours a week are you available?: A lot. Usually 3pm MST and beyond on weekdays, weekends basically the whole day.

[*]Do you have a microphone?: Yep.

[*]Are you able to speak English?: Yes, I can speak fluent english. 

[*]Do you have any previous admin experience?: Yes, I've been a Moderator on a server called LAC:RP, I was a Mod there for about 3 or 4 months before leaving due to management issues. I was also a Lead Tester in Countryside Roleplay for awhile before resigning, I'm also a Helper on RC:RP, but this wouldn't affect my activity here if I do get chosen, I can assure you.

[*]Are you currently part of the administrative team in other communities?: Not the admin team, but I am a Helper on RCRP which is a minor staff position but it has a big role if that makes sense.

[*]Tell us about yourself: I'm 17 i am from Canada, been here my whole life, I enjoy photography and videography, I enjoy socializing with people and posting memes that are funny, and jokes that are funny to me but not to others [non offensive of course.].

[*]What is the reason you want to become an Administrator:
[*]I would like to become an administrator because I personally think I can handle the tasks given at hand, aswell as provide a friendly and fun roleplay environment to new players that join. I get along with people easily, I don't even have to know people to like them. I'm a hard worker, I am willing to help and assist this community in developing further, and providing good roleplay quality and standards for a Heavy Roleplay server. I've worked in previous positions as I have said earlier, and I am currently a Helper in RCRP, I enjoy it a lot and more importantly I want to provide a good example to the server, I want to get into Administration as I really do find myself qualified for it. I also have and show respect, responsibility, especially in situations where it calls for it, if I make a mistake I own upto it and will accept anything that is given to me, punishment wise or not. That's really all, I have only experience in a few servers administration wise, and yeah.

[*]Hopefully this is a good enough reason to join, I plan to play daily on this server and I'll definitely fit it in here. I like to help new servers and such.
Application has been recieved.
Dear Applicant,

Please speak to John or Steven and schedule an interview.


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