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Thief job
Your Character name: Jimmy Lee
Date and Time: 17/01/2019
What is your suggestion: A thief job.
Do you have screenshots/Supporting material for your suggestion: I've enough material, time to explain this motherfucker :DDD

Alright lads, introducing the new "Thief Job", apparently you all have experience within RP servers and what i've seen so far and what i've liked the most about the "Thief job" it was implemented on another server however ideas can be recreated and yes that server is dead long time ago. The thief job is pretty dope as fuck. Everyone can become one, so you guess how it works? Houses... - Houses are the ones that thiefs would be hitting for, open houses are the ones that every thief can rob, Upon entering a house, by writing command [/robhouse] you will get a Dialog which includes items( random ones ), so (scripter) you should try adding random cases : case 1 DIALOG_POOR_HOUSE: , on which you will add some basic cheap items, lets say "A used dildo: 50$", "Your mom's creditcard: 150$", "Your father's used condom: 25$". So basically you will add random stuff, when it comes to these rich dialogs you can add "iPhone's" , "Samsung's" which stuff would probably cost and yes once you pick it the item will be on your /inventory, ofcourse you cannot use it however you can /drop them and the most important thing and the most cool thing is that you will have to sell these at the "Pawnshop" - which Pawnshop is already being developed and is on a to-do list due to me suggesting it from in before. And the most important thing about this: Do not fucking add wanted levels, they're just aids. It's good if you get an /ame on your head for example ( Your_Son has just robbed a nearby house ) so he looks suspicious to SAPD or w/e you call them and then if they go thru' frisk if they find such thing he can get arrested for burglary.
Stuff required in the script: DIALOG_HOUSE_POOR, DIALOG_HOUSE_MEDIUM, DIALOG_HOUSE_RICH. Three different cases which would be given randomly on each /robhouse, and please make a timer of 2mins per each /robhouse, so it doesn't become really cancerous. Also add the those items which are in the dialogs to the incoming Pawnshop so people will actually sell them and yes, upon choosing a stolen item you will get the checkpoint ( on the Pawnshop ) where you should basically sell it to, or you could just hand it to someone else if you're that kind so they can get some bucks ez yeah :D

Pros: Really funny thing to do

Cons: I think im blind, i don't see anything!!!

Thank you all for wasting your time reading my fucking awesome suggestion and also im sorry for my language i just get wet when there's a sexy suggestion! Peace.
This suggestion is good however this not a job, it's more of a lifestyle. That kind of suggestion could be done with basic RP and with the commands you've suggested. So I think not adding it as a job but adding the commands to enable people to do robbing roleplay within reason.

That's my opinion.
+1, would make my life IG a lot easyer xD

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