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What's going on? [News 14-01-2019]

[Image: esg_logo.png]

Hello! It's a new week, and with a new week, a new news post follows(usually). It's been an exciting past week, and even though may not have as much to show off as last week, that doesn't mean nothing has been happening.

We've been busy both behind the scenes, as well as "on the scene", so let's have a look at it. Shall we?

Quote:Refunds / Starter Packs
Much like the last week, we have continued to issue starter packs of 10.000$ Ingame Currency to new players that are in our discord (https://discord.gg/JUyxmrQ

We have been closely following the development of the economy as a result of this, and we actually found that it helps new players get started and immersed in a whole different fashion, and as a result of this we will continue to issue these starter packs until further notice.

Quote:Population / Server / Discord
One of the things that we were most excited about this week, is seeing how much the community grew the past week. We have seen a steady increase in population, and it makes us extremely happy to see that everyone is enjoying themselves. Although this hasn't been without it's fair share of bumps and learning experiences, one would be that we discovered our administration team at the time was not geared to deal with increase in requests, and we have worked tirelessly with both you guys, as well as the administration team, to patch and fix these issues

We deployed a bunch of hotfixes, along with some general changes these week. The most significant being several stability hotfixes, fixing crashes and more. We have also deployed changes to our faction system amongst others.

We saw a jump all the way to 92 players in Discord
[Image: f4db519fb16762c3eb9159c5ff2ef81f.png]

And the SAMP Server has been seeing much more regular activity
[Image: stats.png]
[Image: b4b75faaff84b668af9aff2ebffaa009.png]

We will continue to strive to give all that we have, in order to keep the community growing. And we have already set out to change things based on the feedback we have gotten.

Quote:Staff Applications
We opened the official staff recruitment as well, and we have already recieved enough applications to possibly cover our staffing needs. Depending on the outcome of the current applications, we will return to decide on whether to re-open or completely close applications for now. Time will tell!

We wish the best of luck to all applicants, and want to provide a reminder not to be deterred if you are still interested in joining the staff. If you have concerns or questions are more than welcome to contact any member of the Management team

Quote:Official Factions
This week, we also welcomed the addition of two more official factions. We are hoping that these factions will help contribute to the overall RP and we wish them the best of luck!

[Image: de2a4fd08dc160b643460d2a9bcd582f.png]
Ontop of this, 

It is worth mentioning that the official gang slots are still open, and we are still looking for more people to run official factions

Quote:Staff Changes
Over the past week, we have introduced alot of new staff to our ranks. The changes are as following
[Image: 6bf7e0e6410c96cd16bdaf9e34bf0def.png]
Congratulations to all new staff, and we welcome you warmly!

I think that's all for now. Did i forget something? Very likely! But we'll get it next week then!

Your numbers are inaccurate. We actually have more... Just saying u know...

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