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Your Character name: Jimmy Lee
Date and Time: 8:11PM, 13/01/2019
What is your suggestion: Pawnshop
Do you have screenshots/Supporting material for your suggestion: A shop on which you could sell your items, ofcourse you won't get the original price of the item but you will probably be paid 30percent or atleast 50percent of the item, your money would be paid on cash. Pawnshop can be set at any place server owners/managers want, i wouldn't prefer it to be player-owned cus that just creates a mess. However it would be nice if the server owned it and basically upon entering you'd get to a specific checkpoint on which upon arriving you get a dialog, showing your current items that you could probably sell, upon choosing an item you'll get another dialog which asks you for a confirmation basically like : Are you sure you want to sell your "Dildo"? Yes/No, with Yes you get your money and with No it will return you at the previous dialog( items list). This can be scripted easily however if you need my assistance pm me over forums/discord.
Good idea, I like it.
Nice idea. Supporting it.
Good idea. Supporting it.
This suggestion has been accepted.

Locked & Archived.

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