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Earl_Williams - UncleX - Application
[*]Name: Micheal Bailey

[*]Discord ID: UncleX #8091

[*]Age: 20 (May 21st, 1998)

[*]What is your current timezone?: My current timezone is GMT -6

[*]How many hours a week are you available?: Majority of my free time each day is spent on my computer. If I'm not at work, chances are that I'll be online. I would estimate about at least 5 hours a day, 35 hours a week.

[*]Do you have a microphone?: Yes, I do.

[*]Are you able to speak English?: I am able to speak English fluently. It's my first, and only language.

[*]Do you have any previous admin experience?: I have bits of minor administrative experience. I spent a year or so managing a buddy's server. Though I don't believe that my small amount of experience would hinder my ability to administer. I'm mature enough to know right from wrong, and how to deal with disobedient players.

[*]Are you currently part of the administrative team in other communities?: I am not, been looking for another server to dedicate myself to. The server I had been playing on (Won't mention the name so ya'll don't think I'm trying to advertise and divert players.) I had been playing on for the last 10 years. Literally.

[*]Tell us about yourself: Well, I'm a geek that used to love skateboarding, and computers. I dipped from my home state at 17, and moved to Missouri to start fresh with my life, and though it's been hell the last 3 years, I've got back on my feet. I'm as simple as it comes. Incredibly level headed, and hard to annoy. I'm friendly to say the least, swear I should've been born Canadian. 

[*]What is the reason you want to become an Administrator: I said this already, but I'm really looking for another server to dedicate myself to. Honestly, for how new the server is, I believe it has a pretty amazing set up, and I haven't met a staff that seemed so laid back. I really want to reciprocate it, and show others that not only is the server great, but the community is worth sticking around for as well. Every server needs a good leadership, and management when they have to deal with them. There's no doubt in my mind, that I could be a great asset to the team. I hope my application meets your standards. Thank you for the opportunity.

[*]Micheal Bailey

EDIT: Upon reviewing other applications, I'm going to post my revision here. I seen that you guys would like to know more about my character I role-play as, rather than myself. I have posted a LAPD Application, which I hope you would find acceptable for information on my character. Also, I have seen that you want to know the position I wish to apply for. In all discretion I would feel much more comfortable with the actual staff making the decision on the position they feel I am best fit for. I am not here for power.
Please contact Steven (Mantree#7769) or myself (Grifinger#5386) through Discord to schedule your interview.

Pending interview.
Dear UncleX,

The Interview has been conductetd. I'm happy to say you are hired as the Moderator.

Welcome to the team.


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