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Henry_Walker - Kabir - Application
[*]Name:Henry_Walker | Kabir
[*]Discord ID:KA|31R - #2419
[*]What is your current timezone?:GMT +1
[*]How many hours a week are you available?:4,5h, on weekends all day.
[*]Do you have a microphone?:Yes
[*]Are you able to speak English?:Yes
[*]Do you have any previous admin experience?:Like i said before i have admin Expirience beacuse i was lead of Global Moderators on Server called City of Angels and i was
[*]Game Admin Level 3, i was admin like 3 years then i left position of Admin.
[*]Are you currently part of the administrative team in other communities?:Nope.
[*]Tell us about yourself:Let me start, my name is Kabir im 16 Years old Guy from Serbia, i love to play games, im going in High School and i work on weekends with my brother, im working in "Internet Club" which owner is my brother, i have a lot of knowledge about computers and other stuff which is connected with computers, games etc... let's just say im born Gamer xD
[*]What is the reason you want to become an Administrator:Let's just say that wish to help others came back and now i want to repeat everything from City of Angels, i was the guy who will help you anyway, even if it will take few minutes, seconds maybe hours beacuse there are complaints, i'll take care of that person who will try to ruin your game on RolePlay Server.

also im applying for Trial Administrator - Game Admin - However.
Hey, there are a few things you could fix.
1. Your discord ID - Your full discord name+the number
2. You shall tell us more about your character than your real life
3. Fix your grammar errors and stop capitalizing the word "staff"
4. Remove the second "Do you have any previous staff experience" section, as there shall be just one.
5. We would like to know your IG name instead of your IRL name :P
6. Please tell us what rank in the staff team are you applying for.
Requesting that you put abit more information in your application, more specifically in the "What is the reason you want to become an Administrator"
No further details were provided.

Application denied - We encourage you to apply again if you remain interested

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