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Important Staff Recruitment
[Image: esg_logo.png]
Dear all ESG Members,

The Eastside Gaming Administration team is currently looking for qualified, motivated, and aspiring candidates to fill positions within it's ranks. You'll be part of what is currently a smaller team, aspiring to service the users of ESG, and to confront and deal with individuals breaking the community policies. Please do note that all of our positions are on a volunteer basis.

What can we offer?
  • Interesting volunteer position
  • Possibilities for supervisory/leadership positions
  • Varying work (You will be able to work with many different things, from development to documentation)
  • 100% Pure Cotton Memes.
Aditionally we are looking for a few traits within an application, and we have set a few non negotiable requirements. Please do note that while we are very open to taking all on all kinds of different people and personalities, we are very strict on filling the requirements.

Desirable Traits
  • Friendly
  • Team-oriented
  • Self-Motivated
  • Mature
  • Experience is desirable but not Essential.
  • 16+ Years of age.

  • You must have a working Microphone, the quality of your microphone doesn't play a major role.
  • You must be able to speak and write English
If any of this interests you, we encourage to draft an application. If you have any concerns, questions, or similar. You are more than welcome to ask myself, or any member of the senior staff
Interviews will be held at a later with selected candidates. We will contact you if you are selected, please keep an eye on your forum PM's and Discord.

Below you will find the format for applying. 
Please copy paste this into a new thread, fill out your answers, and post it with the title (IC Name - OOC Name) - Application
Example: Steven_Jones - Steven - Application
[*]Discord ID:
[*]What is your current timezone?:
[*]How many hours a week are you available?:
[*]Do you have a microphone?:
[*]Are you able to speak English?:
[*]Do you have any previous admin experience?:
[*]Are you currently part of the administrative team in other communities?:
[*]Tell us about yourself:
[*]What is the reason you want to become an Administrator:

Kind Regards,
Senior Management

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