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What's going on? [News 07-01-2019]
[Image: esg_logo.png]
Hello everyone, your friendly neighbourhood project lead here with the most recent news, and behind the scenes of what has recently happend.

First of all, as i am sure many of you are aware, we launched the project to the public yesterday. And we addressed a few issues and concerns, which are already in the process of being fixed. But enough of that, let's get back onto the topic at hand, the news!

Quote:Server wipe, refund
With the recent switch from our previous system to the master account system, the we were forced to wipe the database. As a result of this, and to celebrate the launch of the server, we will be giving a starter bonus/refund to everyone who has joined our discord. In order to be eligble for this, please join our discord and post a refund request at https://forum.eastsidegaming.net/forum-75.html. You are welcome to contact a member of the staff for help

So, at the moment gaming operations is looking for both leaders for official governmental factions as well as people interested in running an official organisation(read, gang, mafia, etc), amongst other we are working hard on finding a suitable leader for the Los Santos Fire and Medical Department. And we are in communications with a few people regarding their official factions. Starter packs for newly started factions, depending on their size, is being discussed.

If you have a great idea for a faction, be it illegal, or anything amongst the lines. We encourage you to draw up a faction post, and share your ideas

Quote:Control Panel
The control panel continues to undergo active development, and has recently been updated to work with the master account system. Although, at this moment in time it mainly features tools for the administration to ease their job. Below here you can view a few of the features that the CP already has, although many more are to come, and we have plenty of plans for it.

[Image: dea35159b248f8f110cf4801164968b3.png]
[Image: 2f67e732029fb1efb99797261d19695e.png]
[Image: 485311041ec990bd3dbce836ed1842da.png]

PDNET is undergoing a massive overhaul(actually, it's a complete remake) from everything from the features it sports, to the design, to how it is handled on the backend, heck, even to performance. While PDNET v1 will still be utilised until v2 is ready, we can't wait to show you the features of v2.
[Image: 502db8999ee00d0bae9834f23798e7e3.png]
[Image: a5d8e4858064cef2531e4fb470cfdbc0.png]
[Image: 07dc7897ac204031da71b239bd1bf2e3.png]
[Image: d878e46393730891418ef487f739a620.png]

Quote:Staff personell changes
We have also had a few staff changes recently, and our roster has been updated accordingly to that, let's go through them shall we?
[Image: 54d003830e070256bd9b0c5fd72a27f2.png]
On behalf of the management, i'd like to congratulate you on your promotions, and we can't wait to see how you develop!

Aditionally, we are still actively looking for more moderators. And we have our eye keen on a few select people already. We also encourage anyone that is interested to contact the Head Moderator, or the lead admin of Staff Personell
As a last note, we wish everyone a happy 2019. And we cannot wait to see what it brings.

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