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Toy system.
Your Character name: Jonathan Crane

Date and Time: 13/09/18 - 20:44
What is your suggestion: My suggestion is that we add a /toy system where this allows us to customize what our characters look like. For example, we buy a "toy" hat, which is just a normal type of clothing, it'll be added onto our /toy inventory. Then you use the command /toy command, then we edit it onto our character. This editing process will then have a W,X,Y & Z axis with arrows that allows you to position the hat onto your character as you see fit.
Do you have screenshots/Supporting material for your suggestion: No, however I have done this on my previous community. But I didn't have the right knowledge of scripting to do it.
Hello, thanks for you suggestion.

This feature already exists in the script, head to any clothing store(Police armory have special Law Enforcement clothes/toys, just a note) buy the item you desire, then open your inventory, select the item, and simply choose to re-adjust it, after which you will be presented with with an XYZ editor.
Ah good. And no, thank you for taking the time to read it.

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