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EastSideGaming : Staff Organisation - justin - 06-03-2018

[Image: psog.png]

ESG: Administration Team
Project Lead
- Richard Mayfield - Justin 
- John Mayfield - Grifinger

Lead Administration
- Mikhail Solomonov - SnazzyDuckling - Head of Game Operations
- Stefan Ivanov  - Mantree - Head of Administrative Personnel

Senior Administration

Game Administrators
- Danny Williams - Danny. - Game Operations
- Jonathan Crane - Scarecrow - Community Support

Trial Administrators
- Joseph Necci - Bryar - Game Operations
- Paul Alderman - Alderman - Game Operations
- Ralph McCarthy - McCarthy - Gaming Operations

ESG: Moderation Team
Game Moderators
- Jeff Favignano - Noteblock - Moderator
- Seba Perez - Guap - Moderator.
- Guiseppe Soprano - King - Moderator
- Earl Williams - Uncle X - Moderator

ESG: Beta Team
- Jeff Favignano
- Herbert Falsevor
- Danny Williams
- Emily Silver

RE: EastSideGaming : Staff Organisation - Steven - 06-07-2018

(06-07-2018, 10:05 PM)Steven Wrote: 7th June 2018
Danny Williams ,Daniel., is appointed as a Trial Administrator

20th July 2018
Game Administrator,Barrett Johnson aka Thad, resigned.
Misuzu, is appointed as the Game Administrator and assigned as the Head of Public Relations
Danny Williams ,Daniel., is promoted as Game Administrator 

29th July 2018
Lead Moderator, David Bell aka Davidb., is removed from his position.
Damien Guillaume is appointed as the Lead Moderator.

11th August 2018
Ettore Soprano - xEtt0re is appointed as a Trial Moderator
Jonathan Crane - Scarecrow is appointed as Trial Moderator

15th August 2018
Jonathan Crane - Scarecrow is appointed as Game Administrator and assigned to Game Operations

11th September 2018
Game Administrator - Misuzu resigned

6th January 2019

Jake Mendez - Craze is hired as a Trial Administrator and hired as a Public Relation Officer.

12th January 2019

Jake Mendez - Craze was removed as staff due to inactivity and no reliability.

Joseph Necci - Bryar is hired as a Trial Administratorand assigned to general duties.

14th January 2019

The following has appointed as the Game Moderator:
- Seba Perez - Guap
- Russelll Simmons
- Reapz

The following individual has been appointed as the Trial Administrator
- Paul Alderman - Labouf - Game Operations

16 th January 2019
Following the recent events,
Herbert Falsevor has been removed from his role as the Lead Moderator.
Ralph McCarthy - McCarthy is hired as a Trial Administrator.
Guiseppe Soprano - Guiseppe has been reinstated as the Moderator

22th January 2019
Due to Inactivity,
Reapz has been removed as the Game Moderator
Russell Simmons has been removed as the Game Moderator

23rd January 2019
Earl Williams - Uncle X is hired as a Trial Administrator